Monday, June 8, 2009

Faerie Band

They prefer this spelling. They hang out in the woods. They have day jobs and dress differently. It would be nice if they could grant me three wishes.

Would you like to be granted three wishes? What would they be?


Anonymous said...

Oh I like this photo a lot.

Our Flower Pot

Olivier said...

belle composition, cela donne un beau portrait de groupe.
nice composition, it gives a nice portrait of group

Virginia said...

1. To stay in France
2. To stay in France
3. To stay in France

cieldequimper said...

1. to leave for the USA
2. to leave for the USA
3. to leave for the USA.

Excellent shot, I like their expressions!

Eric said...

Oh wow that is a way easy question!

1. To Have Whirled Peas

B. To have one of those flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz.

III. To be able to finally see that pesky penguin that comes out to shut off the light in the fridge when you close the door!

Hi Bob! Thanks for all your great work here.


PJ said...

This is the second CDP faerie posting I've seen today, ipso facto, faeries are real.
I knew you had been looking forward to this shoot. I believe you were summoned? It's a wonderful portrait (where do I get ears like that?).

My three wishes?
1- To get through the month of June.
2- To row 100,000 meters at The Y.
3- Get another photography gig real soon.

What are your three wishes, Bob?

Bob Crowe said...

PJ asks what my three wishes would be. Not easy for me to answer. I've had good fortune. So consider this a first draft.

1. That my two children have happy, fulfilling lives and don't get wiped out by environmental disaster, North Korean missiles, the machines that take control over the world, etc. It wouldn't hurt if they produced a grandchild or two. No imminent danger of that last part.

2. That this wacko country of mine gets universal health care, so whether you can see a doctor or get medicine doesn't depend on whether you have money.

3. That I had enough retirement money that could give up this lawyer stuff and devote my time to photography, reading and travel. Not holding my breath.

Paula said...

You're a sweetheart, Bob.

Maggid said...

Bob - I hope - okay, i wish -
your wishes become reality

(love this photo)