Friday, June 12, 2009

Around The Overlook

Scenes from Saturday's dedication of the new Mississippi River overlook and park.

Above is the Gateway Geyser, which has been in this location for twelve years. Most St. Louisans are unaware of it because is is only on for 15 minute periods during the warmer months. You can't see it from almost anywhere except right under the Arch and the neighborhood in East St. Louis. The water can rise over 190 meters, as high as the Arch, but it does so only occasionally. The height of the plume is limited by local wind speed and a general aviation airport located nearby. Very cool when it's on blast, though.

The first picture below is me at the edge of the overlook. The park district had a photgrapher and printers for anyone who wanted a souvenir of the opening. The composite below is comprised of a security guard on a Segway (there is lots of 24/7 security), Mayor Alvin Parks of East St. Louis speaking at the dedication, a reporter from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch interviewing visitors to the top and a closer view of the structure itself.

Off to Kansas City tonight and north-central Kansas tomorrow to see my wife's family. I bet there will be a picture of a cornfield soon.


Olivier said...

évidement la fontaine d'evry fait petite ;) impressionnante

Obviously, the fountain of evry is small ;) impressive

Maggid said...

You could help a person fall in love with this place . . . hey! Is it magic? How did you get such a great photo of yourself???

I know lawyers a smart - but, this is . . . well - it's a wonderful photo.

You're right - i didn't know there was a geyser.

Thanks again & again,

Hilda said...

I love that geyser! It looks so natural, it's fantastic. Love the overlook too, but it looks like it's a pretty long walk ;)

Have a safe and happy trip!

Wayne said...

Geez Bob, I"m surprised you can stand up straight with all that equipment hanging around your neck.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for spotlighting the views from the new park on your site. The photos are great.

Julie H.

roentarre said...

Simply spetacular in deed! Stunning!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I really do not like HDR photos. It looks too fake. I think you should show more non-HDR photos.