Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Arch Series

ShadowyOne and I were wandering around the Arch grounds after the pillow fight last weekend, taking the odd snapshot. We spotted a can of Red Bull lying on the pavement and I decided to use it as a prop. Any meaning you find in this picture is your business.

This gave me an idea for a new approach to the Arch series: placing odd objects in juxtaposition to the monument. You know, sort of like the garden gnome in Amelie - one part is always the same and another always changes. We'll see what comes of it.

WHAT'S GOING ON TODAY: Mrs. C. and I are off on a little getaway to celebrate our 35th anniversary, which is next Tuesday. We visited this place the first time we traveled outside the U.S. on our 10th anniversary. Twenty five years later and we're back again (not that we haven't been there in between). There could be a meet-up with a famous CD photoblogger.

I hope to upload a post from our destination around mid-day or in the afternoon US central time. Stay tuned.

There is a new Arch photo
today on GATEWAY.


Olivier said...

tu es sponsorisé par RedBull ;o))

cieldequimper said...

Cheers Bob!

Sharon said...

I like this idea.
I can't wait to see where you are off to this time.
Oh, and congratulations on the anniversary!

nathalie in avignon said...

Oho, happy anniversary Mr. and Mrs. C! I hope you have a lovely time - are you taking the Red Bull can with you to take pics of it wherever you go? More fun would be a miniature Arch that you place under the Eiffel tower or at the bottom of a pool, anywhere that takes your fancy...

Anyway I hope you have a lovely time!

Virginia said...

Bon voyage mes amis!!! Do NOT drink all the vin before I can get there myself!

Check my blog, you're da man today!

Like the Red Bull idea. Maybe one of Rodin's statues in the gardens could hold one. Then again you might end up in the French slammer!

Ming the Merciless said...

Tell Olivier I said HI. Have fun in the City of Lights.

Virginia said...

Glad you landed safely. I'll drop by later for my Paris "fix".

Victor said...

Meaning? What meaning? Oh, THAT meaning.