Saturday, April 25, 2009


It's not crack or meth. Apparently they are talking about their hamburgers. Well, that's how I feel about White Castles. This is the tiny White Palace restaurant. The name is similar. All was explained in a post about this place last year, as well as my three or four steps removed relation to it (closer than to Kevin Bacon). See the Bonus Factoid for the details.

By the way, you can just barely see the Hard Times Lounge features yesterday in the lower right corner of the bottom picture. Can you spot the tiny Budweiser sign?


cieldequimper said...

Do you go to the hard times before or after having had your fix? ;-)
I'm very relieved that you don't seem to have injured yourself after swooning at your office yesterday!

B Squared said...

Are you sure that isn't a sign from Reefer Madness?

Virginia said...

I love hamburgers just about anywhere. I want to come to the Lou and have one of these. We'll walk across the street and have a few after, IF you don't have on your tank again, BOB!

Anonymous said...

Is it 5-0, cops, as in Hawaii Five-0?