Monday, April 6, 2009

More From The Pillow Fight, Or, What You Learn At My Alma Mater

Word of Saturday's mass pillow fight spread throughout St. Louis on the web. These students from St. Louis University, my alma mater (A.B. 1971, J.D. 1974) showed up to battle the soft machine. Why they decided to paint themselves in silver is beyond me. It's not even one of the school colors. But so what - I did much dumber stuff when I was there. You would have to find my secret dossier to find out what.

Hey, check out the fourth comment to this post
from a St. Louis U. student. These people painted themselves silver as camouflage, to blend in with the Arch in case of trouble with the cops. How absolutely clever!

I went out to shoot the Rally For A Compassionate Missouri Budget on the steps of out Old Court House. Republicans in the Missouri House of Representatives want to use the recession as a reason for yet further cutbacks on social services, particularly health care. I've been pretty P.C. in most of my posts but my header does advertise the occasional rant. Well, here's one. I am horrified and angered by the I keep all my money, it's okay if you die in a hole somewhere attitude of much of the Republican party in this state. It's a vision of society that looks back to the Industrial Revolution and beyond, when workers and the poor were treated as a commodity. That's not a society where I want to live. And I don't want to move to Massachusetts or British Columbia to live with the like-minded. I'd rather do something positive here. So, tomorrow's post will feature the rally.


Olivier said...

superbe, cela fait penser a un retour dans les années peace and love

Sharon said...

I love your comments today. I couldn't agree more.

Virginia said...

Well that's the damn truth! Good for you.

Love the human arch. That's pretty great. Stick that on Gateway! Ha

Healy (not "Heelee...") said...

I was also a SLU pillow fighter on Saturday, and can speak for the silver kids! They were with a chartered student organization that was worried about possible repercussions if the police got involved. It started as a joke, but they painted themselves to match the Arch, giving them easy camouflage to hide from the cops. They posed for pictures for quite a while blending into the Arch itself!
Thanks for your photos of the event, they're great!

cieldequimper said...

The silver bodies make it even better.
Bob, I'm sorry to say I will definitely be away from Friday. Wish you a great time in Paris and a very happy anniversary.

Victor said...

Love these photos today. This seems so tame compared to what we did in college. But then we don't know what these young folks did later do we?

Jilly said...

What great shots, Bob! Love the arch! Somehow in all the shots, and yesterday's, they've arranged themselves perfectly for your camera - or you arranged them.