Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Objets d'Art

We spent yesterday afternoon at the Orsay Museum, the showplace of the Impressionists. It occurred to me to photograph details of paintings that interested me. Well, at least after the first adolescent joke. But what joke? Isn't this in the tradition of Marcel Duchamp and Rene Magritte? Fabulous dinner for our anniversary last night at Les Bouquinistes. It was recommended by my brother who works for a French company and travels here often.

We're at the airport and about to board. Had a fabulous time. This city is full of endless pleasures.

I'll be editing more pictures on the plane, which I'll upload to Flickr when I get home tonight.

TOMORROW: Thursday Arch Series.


Olivier said...

une belle série de détail de tableaux, bien choisi le premier tableau ;o))

Virginia said...

Men - they never grow up! HAAAA Well that's an eyecatcher on the portal for sure. What a clever idea to treat us to portions of these great works of art. I'm so glad you had a good trip. Look forward to the FLickr "buffet".

Peter said...

I think I must go back there and also look for some "details"!

U "R" Us said...

Oh! This is really awesome. The middle two especially. Makes me want to be wandering a museum, focusing in on such details in person.

PJ said...

So many museums won't let you photograph inside. This is just fabulous. It's almost like touching them.