Sunday, April 12, 2009

STL DPB In Paris: Pere Lachaise Cemetery


When we were younger we laughed at jet lag. Out of the airport, into a rental car and blast off across the motorway, autoroute, autobahn or what have you at high speed for hundreds of kilometers. No more. We had trouble sleeping Friday night, then slept very late Saturday. After finally getting out the door, we spent the afternoon at Pere Lachaise Cemetary, where many illustrious French (and one infamous American) find their rest.

There are maps that lead you to the graves of the famous, although some are hard to find. Among the residents we found were Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Stein, Amadeo Modigliani, Honore de Balzac, Eugene Delacroix, Moliere, Marcel Proust, Edith Piaf and Jim Morrison. I've got a lot of pix but little free time while I'm here. Well, something to do on the plane Wednesday.

3 comments: said...

We have each posted photos of a cemetery today, although mine is an aerial photoof a crowded cemetery with above-ground tombs. Maybe we were each influenced, at least subtly, by the fact that today is Easter.

Virginia said...

And don't forget Serge Gainsbourg is snoozing there too! You might run across his home in your neighborhood. You can't miss it!

Oh and have a pain au chocolat pour moi aujourd 'hui!

Peter said...

Sorry Virginia, but Serge G is at the Montparnasse cemetery! We have to rehearse a bit when you are soon back! :-)

Bob, impressed by your courage to post while travelling! Bravo!