Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Arch Series

Self-portrait with a segment of a 192 m tall stainless steel catenary curve.



Olivier said...

avec l'ombre des arbres , on pourrait imaginer que l'arche sorte de la terre et soit elle un immense baobab

With the shade of trees, you may think that the ark kind of land and it is a huge baobab

iBlowfish said...

Hi Bob, I just visited your Puerto Rico series in Flickr. They are beautiful, and I enjoyed them. And I like this picture where you use the foreground shadows to emphasized the Arch in background. Excellent shot.

Jen said...

Nice shot. Love how you always keep coming up with fresh ideas for the arch.

Jing said...

heheh..very nice weather i saw!!!
love that green~~~