Monday, April 7, 2008

Fredbird In Mourning

A zoom on the video display of the Busch Stadium scoreboard, looking like a cheap analog television. The stadium announcer declared a moment of silence in memory of a long-time Cardinals executive who died during during the off-season. Fredbird, the Cardinals' mascot, stands in shallow center field in a mocking imitation of mourning.

Fredbird is an idiot. All American colleges and high schools, as well as most professional sports teams, have some kind of mascot. Inevitably, there is a large, cartoonish suit for someone to play the role. My alma mater, St. Louis University, has one of the most bizarre of all. (See my post about the Billiken last year.) Fredbird is really annoying. The idea may have been cute for the first couple of years but, season after season, the character keeps running abound the stadium with his (its?) posse of young ladies, getting in your field of view, beaking people on the head and generally acting like a has-been slapstick comedian in a seven foot body. And now, back to the game.

I noticed that Curly of South Shields, England, DBP has been doing something new. Never having been shy about adopting someone else's good idea, I will start providing an aerial view of the location of the photo when possible.

TOMORROW: More cheerful


Chrissy said...

This is funny.

Bob Crowe said...

Thanks, Chrisss. I'm glad you got it.

Jim Klenke said...

I grew up in Cahokia and I have always loved the Redbirds, but Fredbird is the ugliest mascot ever. I have not liked it since it was first started. The design is poor, the person inside was never good or funny, and yes very annoying.

Kris McCracken said...

I'm surprised he doesn't get pelted with rubbish, from the sounds of him.

Also, what do the girls see in him?

Pat said...

I'd do away with all mascots. They get in the way of the game. My favorite quote was from the Football Cards quarterback (I forget his name). He said, "In St. Louis Fredbird was more popular than me." This was to his new fans in AZ.