Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hot Foot

Well, not exactly. A meeting place in downtown STL is the statue The Runner in Kiener Plaza. People often dump colors in the fountain around it. It's common to have red for the Cardinals baseball team or the namesake shade of the St. Louis Blues hockey franchise. I have no idea what this orange is about and it's been there nearly a month, which means that someone is refreshing the dye. The runner's right foot looks like it is pushing through a wall of fire but the lower picture shows that theory is all wet.

Aerial photo of picture location in Kiener Plaza, downtown STL

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Olivier said...

très graphique et très symétrique avec la grande arche derrière. Original cette couleur orange..

Very graphic and very symmetrical with the big arch behind. Original this orange ..

yawetag said...

My guess is that the orange is for MoDOT's Work Zone Safety Awareness week. Why it's been that way for a month, I don't know.

Lumiere Place has had their lightbox lit orange since the 7th for the same reason.

Kitty said...

I like the photo of the orange water, but the environmentally conscious part of me isn't so keen on the idea. Have people expressed concern about the dyes at all?
One could manage a similar effect with LCD lights beneath the water. You could then automatically program the colors to change to anything you'd like.

Kerry said...

Hi, I just googled "statue of runner in St. Louis" and found your blog. My husband Peter "sat" for the sculptor who did the statue, William Zorach sometime back in the 1960's. Peter eventually wrecked his knees running, but I am happy to report that today he is a fanatical road biker.