Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Third Or More Eye

Third eye, four eyes, eye candy. Hard to tell just how many eyes this radiant Buddha by Niki de Saint Phalle has to observe this world and all others. It seems right that it has been placed outside the Temperate House at the Missouri Botanical Garden: all in moderation, nothing to extremes. Except, maybe, the design.

If you have an excuse to cruise by St. Louis this summer, you really should stop and see the exhibition. It's on through October 31.

EVENING UPDATE: by pure coincidence, team member and Chicago daily photo blogger U "R" Us, who was down here for the weekend, posted a picture of the same statue today with a different perspective. Check it out here.

TOMORROW: The Skinny.


Olivier said...

Niki de St Phalle est vraiment une très grande artiste, avec une imagination débordante. J'aime beaucoup cette statue très zen d'un dieu extraterrestre

Niki de Saint Phalle is really a great artist with a boundless imagination. I love this very zen statue of a god extraterrestrial

iBlowfish said...

By looking to your picture, I believe Niki de Saint Phalle really have gifted sense of color integration in this Buddha statue. Very nice.

U "R" Us AKA Captain Crowe said...

Hey! I just put up a shot of this, not knowing you had too. Really cool lensbabying yesterday, BTW.

Profile Not Available said...

Excellent photos! I have enjoyed these!

Jilly said...

I love this art work. She is talented. And how interesting to see the other photo from fellow blogger. Both beautiful photographs on the same subject.

Ming the Merciless said...

Cool statue! The Missouri Botanical Garden seems to be an great exhibition site.