Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday Arch Series

This looks to me like it could have been a magazine photo from the 60s, before color pictures were common. Mid-sized city, mid-sized buildings, big famous monument. There is a little figure-ground trick going on here, with the light on the triangular legs of the Arch and one foot in the trees. If you look at the bottom two-thirds, the Arch could be parallel or perpendicular to the river. If your eye drifts to the top the ambiguity goes away, but that itself is confusing. I like ambiguity a whole lot. It's a sensible way of thinking.

TOMORROW: Rain delay


Kate said...

I'm curious; how many times have you posted the Arch on your blog? Each one is very orginal and appealing.

Bob Crowe said...

Hi, Kate. Thats a good question. I've been at this for 53 or 54 weeks now. There may have been a few Thursdays when I was traveling that I didn't post an Arch picture, so probably 50-ish Arch posts by now.

I'm obsessed. I admit it. For my (strange) tastes, it is the most beautiful monumental sculpture in the world. I can look out my office window and see it right now, its top shrouded in rain clouds. Been feeling a bit burned out about it lately but I'll keep it up for at least a while longer.

Olivier said...

bonne idée ce sépia, cette série est toujours aussi belle.

This sepia good idea, this series is still as beautiful.

iBlowfish said...

I've never got enough to see your photo about the arch, beautiful and you captured it.

Anonymous said...

This is a great perspective! I like the coloring (or lack of it), too.