Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Arch Series

After a year of posting weekly photos of the Arch, I sometimes feel I have nothing else to say about it. Then I go by on a Sunday afternoon and there is something a little different. In this picture, shot with a 17 mm lens, a woman takes a picture of her husband and son. The Arch is so much much taller than it looks in this shot.

TOMORROW: I have no idea but let me tell you a little story:

When I was low to middle two digits of age in New York City, the most popular kids' program on local television was the Soupy Sales Show. He at was as least as popular with high school and college students as he was with tykes.
The show was on at noon on weekdays and all of us who could get to a TV tuned in for his surrealist, absurd sketches. The characters were way over the top (click here and scroll down a little). Almost every bit ended with Soupy getting a cream pie in the face. It was all done live and there are very few archives.

On January 1, 1965, Soupy was upset about about having to work the holiday. He started a crazy improv. This is how I, 14 years old atthe time, remember it:

Soupy looks into the camera and says something like, "Hey, kids, I'm starting a collection of presidential portraits! I need to get a whole set. Now, your mommy and daddy got in real late last night and I bet they're still asleep. Tiptoe into their bedroom, find daddy's wallet, look for some of those portraits of Washington and Lincoln and Jackson and Grant in it and send them to me. And if you do that, you know what I'll do for you? I'll send you a postcard from Puerto Rico!"

The station suspended Soupy for a week for that one. I remember TV news showing hundreds of college students picketing the station demanding his return.

So, here's the bottom line: I'm going to Puerto Rico today. Would you like a postcard?

My wife and I are going down for a few days for our anniversary (34th, thank you). Photos sure to follow by Saturday. Stay tuned and keep your picket signs clean.

Aerial photo of picture location, looking straight down on the top of the Arch.


iBlowfish said...

I agree, this is totally different perspective from your other Arch's series. But I like it too. Have good trip and vacation. Happy 34th anniversary too for you and missus.

Olivier said...

impressionnant, je me rendais pas compte vraiment de la taille. très bonne idée de photo
Impressive, I was not really the size. Very good idea of photo

Kitty said...

I love the photo and the story.
The photo shows the arch in an awesome way, meaning that it inspires awe. The story is quite funny.

Congrats on the wedding anniversary! Have a nice time.

IamMBB said...

What a great, unusual angle. The use of the human element is so effective here.