Monday, December 3, 2007

You Might Be Lost But You Have Good Company

Gizmos-r-us these days, and I love gizmos. Our homes, offices, cars and bodies are loaded with whiz-bang electronic devices. My car came with a navigation system and satellite radio. When I bought it, I wondered if I was ever going to use this stuff. Turns out I use them frequently. Like the nav system: if you know St. Louis, you can figure our that I took this shot while parked in the same block as the downtown White Castle, an auspicious location. I'm a classical music fan and the local radio station of that genre bites, so I love XM Satellite Radio. I cruise down the Interstate listening to favorite opera arias without commercial interruption.

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Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

Tell me about it!! Gizmos certainly are us!!;-) Nice photo. I like classical music, too!!!

Gregg said...

I like our classical music station! I am interested in XM for other music stations, though. No toys in my car, unless you count a set of worn out speakers. I have a '94 Saturn SL1 with 160,000 miles.

Strangetastes said...

Ah, c'mon, Gregg. KFUO plays pops concert blandness. They don't even play more than a movement of a symphony at a time. Plus, it's all broken up by commercials for for jewelers and retirement apartments. If you like other stuff, XM has almost something for everyone. I've yet to find a channel with Laurie Anderson or Michael Gordon but you can get through Pandora.

Mitch said...

I plug my iPod into one of those old tape converter thingies, but I do listen to the great MPR classical Stations up here in the Northlands of Minnesota.

If I had a GPS, I'd loose my main excuse for being late to family functions.

You know what would help this pic? A White Castle Box on top! Or as we call them up here: Sliders.

Gregg said...

I see your point on the symphony movements. I guess for the frequency I listen, it works for me, though. I never really noticed an emphasis on "pops"...except during December.

Of course, pretty much everything you've said also applies in SPADES to every other style of music radio in St. Louis. This fact, along with my terrible speakers, is why I only listen to talk radio, or nothing, during my commute.

My next car WILL have a CD player (and working speakers), and possibly XM/Sirius.