Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tum Ta Tum Tum

Okay, I admit we're a little desperate for material after two weeks of damp and gray, plus new dimensions in overwork. But anyway, here's a gee-whiz fact: did you know that Tums, the ubiquitous stomach antacid, is made in downtown St. Louis? The factory is right across the street from the baseball stadium. You might want to stop for a factory tour after nine innings of ballpark food.

We are supposed to get our first significant show of the season from the wee hours on Saturday. If the roads are drivable, I'll be out with my camera, documenting St. Louisans pathetic attempts to cope with winter weather. And maybe a few of them having fun.

TOMORROW: In the cold, they stand guard over St. Louis.


Bob Crowe said...

Happy to see that no one had heartburn today. Go out and treat yourself to some enchaladas with diced poblanos for brunch on Sunday. Then think of here.

Andree said...

No, I didn't know that, and I use them a lot, and I'm grateful they are not made in China (I was actually wondering since I learned that all Vitamin C is made in China, god knows what I've been swallowing every morning). That is a huge place. I am hoping it is clean inside! thank you for this photo. Love to learn about what I use.