Wednesday, December 5, 2007

In Memoriam

I was walking around Forest Park in a cold rain last weekend, trying to keep my camera from getting soaked. Near the Grand Basin at the bottom of Art Hill, I came upon a grove of newly-planted flowering trees. I saw that each had a small white card. They indicated that the trees were planted as a memorial to someone. This one reads:

This Forest Pansy Redbud Tree
is dedicated to the memory of
Rebecca June Quiggle
at the request of (five couples named)

Forest Park Forever
Dedicated Fall 2007

Forest Park Forever is the name of the foundation that has raised millions of dollars to restore and improve our city's jewel. There were perhaps a dozen of these young trees in the area.

TOMORROW: Thursday Arch Series


Ioanna said...

Very taching idea! And your photo is very vibrant! I feel that this tree is out of my window! I really like it very much!

Anonymous said...

That's another stunning photo - I love the sharp focus foreground with the out of focus background, it works really well on this one. And what a lovely idea for a memorial.

Glasgow Daily Photo

Olivier said...

Je trouve que c'est une bonne idée de dédier un arbre à quelqu'un.

I think it's a good idea to dedicate a tree to someone.

Gregg said...

I love photos that emphasize depth of field. This is an excellent photo.

• Eliane • said...

That is such a good idea.

b.c. said...

very nice find (and a sweet tribute to Rebecca...)