Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cold Sculpture

I live in a suburb of St. Louis called Webster Groves. It was incorporated in its present boundaries 113 years ago, so it's old by local standards. Where two main avenues join in a V, a small park contains an unusual sculpture called Back Flip. It was controversial when it was installed. A World War I memorial was there. The city relocated it to another park to restore it and give it a better location, much to the rage of the Daughters of the American Revolution. A lot of people think the sculpture is ugly. I like it a lot. It is cheerful, stimulating, and looks particularly good in white stockings.

TOMORROW: Definitely not a Christmas tree


Anonymous said...

I like it too. I can understand that people might get upset about moving the memorial, but I don't think the replacement is ugly.

GMG said...

Beautiful pictures. Quite appropriate for the season. Wish you a nice holiday season and I’ll try to come back here to divert from less interesting tasks!
Have a great time!