Friday, June 8, 2007

One Thing Follows Another

I should explain yesterday's teaser for this photo for those who are not native English speakers. It involves a bad pun. The word defined yesterday is segue. The vehicles in the picture, of course, are Segways. The pronunciation is the same. I was walking around downtown with my camera a few Saturdays ago, thinking about taking more pictures of Richard Serra's massive sculpture, Twain (see May 23 post). In the middle of the work's steel walls, I found the members of a Segway tour of downtown STL, led by Glide St. Louis Tours. They do Forest Park, too. What fun! The first time I actually saw a Segway was in Portland, Oregon. The police used them to patrol downtown and they looked very strange. Later on, I saw one in front of the American pavilion at the Expo in Aichi, Japan in 2005. A very tall American, wearing a helmet but going nowhere, stood on a Segway in front of the entrance. The Japanese visitors, as technologically sophisticated as anyone in the world, stood and gawked, fascinated by it.

TOMORROW: Slavery and justice.


Olivier said...

cela fait quand meme tres science fiction, je verrais ces engins se soulever du sol et flotter dans les airs en avan├žant. Bon weekend

that made nevertheless very science fiction, I would see these machines raising ground and floating in the airs while advancing. Good weekend

Bergson said...

Me I want to test immediately

iBlowfish said...

I haven't seen this thing running around in my city yet, but I saw them couple times in rural suburb use by US Postal.

Stephane said...

I'd love to have one of those, I'd be the only one in the all country.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot. I understand it takes some practice to get used to.

I enjoyed your narrative too.

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Ming the Merciless said...

Looked like they had a fun afternoon. I have never seen a Segway before except in photos or TV. I'm surprised there aren't any in NYC.