Friday, June 1, 2007

Chrissy and Curley

I was out taking pictures in the rain a few days ago, mostly from the safety of my car. There are horse drawn carriages that take tourists for rides around downtown. Two of them had taken shelter on the Mississippi riverfront, under the main bridge to Illinois. I parked there, too, walked over and struck up a conversation. The rain was ending and the sun just breaking through the clouds, making for beautiful light. Chrissy, the driver, told me that her horse is named Curley because the stable already had horses named Moe and Larry.

One of the wonderful things about street photography is learning how easy it is to approach people who are especially good subjects. Ordinary people often want to be left alone. They expect some privacy. Those with a flourish on display to the world love to get attention (see Brian's NYC post of May 29). You might make some new friends.

By the way, this is much more interesting than what's outside my bedroom window.

TOMORROW: The other horse and driver.


Monterey John said...

Good morning from a St Louis expatriot. I lived there throughout the 80s and 90s before coming home to California. I miss the Cardinals... but not so much this year. I lived in UCity.

I may put a shot or two up from St Louis over the next few days.

Anyway, keep posting, I am enjoying your work.

Olivier said...

une tres belle photo, ce portrait est superbe, on sent une complicité entre le cheval et sa maitresse.
Bon Weekend

a very beautiful photograph, this portrait is superb, one feels a complicity between the horse and his maitress. Good Weekend

Lessie said...

This is the kind of photo that sticks with you -- great job.

Anonymous said...

There is a true beauty and a beast. . . Two wonderful subjects and a talneted photographer always lead to these kinds of master pieces.

Dan68 said...

What outstanding subjects. I am truely breathless.