Friday, May 17, 2013

Would He Weep At What He Sees?

Washington 2013-05-16 1

Abraham Lincoln sits at the western end of the National Mall, contemplating the city of Washington spread out before him.   He sees the seat of a government so dysfunctional that it feels like a chess game in a perpetual state of check. Yet the state of affairs in his day was so much worse. We Americans were trying to kill one another over what were, at the root, economic issues; over money. Now we use more sophisticated means.

Below, views of the White House from the south and north. Last, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, one of the most emotionally intense places I have ever seen. It seemed trivialized yesterday by swarms of unappreciative high school groups, snapping pix of one another on their phones in a famous place.

I'm on the conference program this morning but it's likely I'll slip out with my camera later in the day.        

Washington 2013-05-16 3

Washington 2013-05-16 4

Washington 2013-05-16 2


Virginia said...

Love the Wall. Beautiful B.

Memphis MOJO said...

Love all of them, but the reflection in the bottom image is remarkable.

cieldequimper said...

This reminds me of some good memories 11 years ago... I too love the wall photo.

William Kendall said...

Splendid shots, Bob. Particularly the last one.

Kim said...

Your shot of Lincoln's head is outstanding, Bob. And I'm impressed to see shots from both sides of the White House. . .did a bit of walking, eh? I also love the reflection on the wall of precious names.
(thanks for the kick in the pants. saw it today and posted :-) )

Stefan Jansson said...

Some fine views here Bob.