Tuesday, February 8, 2011

At The Orchid Show

2011-02-06 Orchid Show 1

I rarely shoot flowers. The subject has been overworked. Too often they are good for a "gee, that's pretty" reaction and little more (with some big exceptions, of course, like Robert Mapplethorpe's floral work).

However, the big annual orchid show is in progress at the Missouri Botanical Garden and I had to check it out. What different approach could I use? A Lensbaby with extension tubes to get in close and make the pictures semi-abstract. It worked out pretty well. I hope you agree. We will see a few more of these in days to come.

By the way, a tip of the hat to Mike Hillis at St. Louis Honda for putting me in some new wheels yesterday. Good people to do business with.

Meriwether Lewis Waives At Traffic Signs Meet our new traffic reporter, Meriwether Lewis, on Downtown St. Louis 365 today.


Olivier said...

superbe macro, j'aime c'est tres poetique.

cieldequimper said...

Georgia O'Keeffeish.

Bibi said...

I was about to say Georgia O'Keefe, too. I know what you mean about flower photos being just 'pretty,' but they're still nice to look at. I like the Lensbaby effect.

Sharon said...

Beautiful shot!!

Virginia said...

The whole set on Flickr is superbe. Yahoo wouldn't let me comment there. I wondered what you used. V

Dave-CostaRicaDailyPhoto.com said...

A creative, original photo.

I am catching up after a few days when I was too busy to make my normal rounds of your site, and I missed your recent series on the inside of Union Station. Fantastic.

Here is a confession. I lived in St. Louis from 1963 - 69, age 12 - 18, and never went inside Union Station. We drove by it many times, but it was just the remnant of a seldom used train station and there was no functional reason to go in. My parents should have taken us there just to admire the building.

T. Becque said...

Nice effect created by the lens and your framing. I agree with Ciel.

No, mine is not a Lensbaby, although I wouldn't mind having one, my photograph was taken with a Holga.

Sharon Creech said...

Like v. much.--the focussed center backed by the more abstract petals.

Hollie said...

Golly gee that is pretty though.
But i know what you mean.
I take pictures of all the things you don't...babies, flowers, and puppies.