Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Arch Series

I thought about giving the Arch series a week off because I have absolutely no recent material. However, being a slave to habit, I went digging in the archives to see what I could find. This one isn't bad. I like how the radiating lines in the grass make the Arch look like a giant sundial.

I get to play art critic and photojournalist at the St. Louis opening of The Character Project photography show. Could be fun.

City Daily Photo Blogs monthly theme day - shadows. Mine aren't made with visible light. Oh, and a preview of The Character Project show. Much more of that on Saturday.


Olivier said...

toujours aussi réussie ta photo sur l'arche.

Virginia said...

Can't wait to see the Character Project stuff. I think I"m buying the book. The portraits were wonderful.
PS The BigA looks like the Washington Monument today.

Peter said...

The sun and a shadow, some figures on the lines... and you have your sundial!

cieldequimper said...

Sundial or... obelisk?

PJ said...

Stunning, Bob.

Snapper said...

You're right of course. Not bad at all. And I sure can relate to trolling the files for material.

Leif Hagen said...

Roberto! I love your Thursday Arch series - super cool! It was fun to scroll and roll through your blog pictures. It's all I can do not to make an ATTORNEY comment . . . but you must be a groovy one based on your snaps. Regards from EAGAN daily photo from Minnesota's Twin Cities