Saturday, March 14, 2009

Portraits of St. Louis Artists - Michael Matthes

Michael Matthes won the Juror's Choice Award in the recent show at Soulard Art Market for the painting on the wall behind him. I like it a lot: Mondrian shapes, Frankenthaler colors and Dizzy Gillespie rhythm. Matthes is slowly and carefully developing the display of his art. He is working on a web site but it's not ready yet. I'll add a link here later on when I learn it's online. He will be the featured artist at an upcoming show at SAM. I'll note that when available, too. He's intense and has a lot to say, but says it quietly.

HAT WAS FUN AND DIFFERENT LAST NIGHT: We went to a performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance at the Touhill Center. It contains one of the wittiest songs ever written for the English-speaking musical theater (or should i say theatre?). Anyway, click here.

TOMORROW: Thomas Shepherd, photographer


Virginia said...

Well I'll fight you for that piece of artwork Bob. Love it as well. Mondrian is what I thought first as well. I'd like to see more of this young man's work.

How's Mrs. C? If she's at the theatre, sounds like she is doing well!

Sharon said...

Oh, I really like this painting. There is something about the colors and angles that really appeals to me.

Saretta said...

Interesting series, and I really like that painting!

cieldequimper said...

I really like the painting, probably because I'm a Kandinsky and Delaunay lover. Can't wait for the next one!