Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yes, still in the same part of town. The old sign underneath, St, Louis Refrigeration and Cold Storage, is beautifully designed and works well with the old German castle-style industrial architecture that is common around here. There's not enough of the new sign slapped on top to decipher: ... iants... ing Co. Maybe it helped to preserve the original underneath. How to interpret the graffiti on top? Very broadly, I should think.

HOW FAR I HAD TO DRIVE YESTERDAY: 290 miles / 467 km round trip for one lousy hearing. At least I had time in the car to make progress on my French instruction CDs.

TOMORROW:portraits of St. Louis artists - photographer Garrett Roberts.


cieldequimper said...

I think this will be one of my favourites. Love the brick and the words against the sky. How did the lousy hearing go? I hate spending hours in public transport for a 30 minutes hearing!

Olivier said...

donc maintenant que tu es bon en français, on va te laisser des commentaires qu'en français (remarque mes commentaires en anglais étaient complètement nul ;o) )

U "R" Us said...

Nice. I like the various typographies here. Especially how the painted one is done in a sort of 2-D relief - whatever that would be called. Cool sky background too.

Now, can you correctly pronounce the letter E to spell your name over the phone for reservations yet? Remember, it sounds like "good".

Virginia said...

Monsieur Crowe! J'ai des bandes aussi! Je ne suis pas bon!! "Je ne sais pas" is the phrase I will use over and over I"m sure!HA

I want to know HOW they got up there to paint FORGIVE???

Yardbird said...

I actually believe this is one of ed boxx's grander pieces.

Too bad he had to get all stabbed-up.

Great picture, I love the depth of the blues in the sky.