Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Early Spring, Japanese Garden

Seiwa-en, the Japanese garden, is my favorite part of the Missouri Botanical Garden. The name means the garden of pure, clear harmony and peace. It's not Kyoto but it's pretty damn good. This bridge or pathway runs just along the shore of a little lake. It has no direction. It doesn't go anywhere. Perhaps that is its lesson.

WHAT'S FINALLY HITTING ME OVER THE HEAD: OMG, it's just eight days until le voyage de notre trente-cinquième anniversaire de la mariage. Better study my vocabulary, vite!

CDPB monthly theme day - yellow.


Antjas said...

We saw this last October and it was lovely in fall colors. Thanks for giving us a look at it through springtime eyes. It certainly is a beautiful place to wander.

Sharon said...

I like this little path to nowhere! A lovely way to spend some time.

Virginia said...

That bridge is amazing and you caught it just right.

You sure better be getting your act together for Paris. How many memory cards are you taking and are you using that Wolverine gizmo?

cieldequimper said...

I can see why you like it! It's serene. I replied to your email... :-(

Jilly said...

Love this shot, Bob.