Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Arch Series (Damp Division)

The Mississippi came within a few inches or centemeters of official flood stage last weekend. The surface in the right center of the picture is Wharf Street, the first city street off the river. Under the normal conditions, the river is maybe 5 or 6 meters lower. There is a long cobblestone levee that's now under water, which usually provides parking for several rows of cars.

The official name of the street these days is Leonor K. Sullivan Boulevard. She was a congresswoman from the area some years ago. It's not such a great honor. Would you like a street named after you known to be covered
periodically with muddy sludge? I'll bet you a ride on a riverboat that if you walked around the Arch and asked ten random people who Lenore K. Sullivan was, you would get a correct answer something approaching, oh, zero percent of the time. You know, unless the mayor happened to be there or something. The official name of the Arch and surrounding park is the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Visitors, what does that mean? There will be a quiz before we let you off the tram from the top of the Arch.

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Olivier said...

le retour de l'arche, elle accompagne et prot├ęge le fleuve
The return of the ark, it accompanies and protects the river

Kristy said...

is the flag island covered in water yet? how high do you think it will go? ill be back to see new pictures. i have family that lives a few minutes from the arch. ive been up in the arch 3 times, would be awful if it flooded.