Monday, March 18, 2024


I've been shooting our St. Patrick's Day for years and have often mentioned the amount of alcohol sloshing around ante meridian. More than once, I've noted that St. Louis loves an excuse to drink in public. In the hi res version of this pic, you can see that the bottles between the two men are vodka and Bloody Mary mix. Reminds me of a picture I took at the parade 15 years ago (see below).

I accidentally shot this picture at f 9, probably my arthritic fingers knocking the aperture ring on the lens. The background was much too busy so I tried Photoshop's new Blur Background tool. I think I overdid it.


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Stefan Jansson said...

I either shoot at f/8 or f/1.8 when I am in the city. In Stockholm you can enjoy wine or beer in almost every park. Looks like sone photoshop gone wrong on the top photo.