Saturday, March 2, 2024


It's the time of year when the Saint Louis Art Museum draws its biggest crowds. For three days in late winter, the most talented floral arrangers in the region are invited to construct a piece that reflects the feeling of something in the museum's collection, if much more perishable. 

I've been shooting it for years, and it's a challenge. The Friday to Sunday run can be just packed. The museum sets up remote parking a ten minute drive away. Early Friday morning is reserved for members (we are) but it is still hard to get a clear shot. I stood for a few minutes before one arrangement, camera held high, waiting impatiently for the spectators to clear. Someone beside me asked, "Would you like me to ask that lady to move to the side?" I told her that the person was my wife and, if necessary, I would use telepathy.            


Stefan Jansson said...

Ha, no one ever said photography would be easy and in the end you got the shot.

Barbara Rogers said...

We also do an Art in Bloom at our Black Mountain Center for the Arts - on a much smaller scale of course. I imagine the crowds you must have had to contend with. Ours will be in June. It's connected to garden tours as well.

William Kendall said...

Beautiful composition.