Sunday, May 30, 2021


Yesterday was gray and freakishly cool in The Lou so I didn't get out to shoot new stuff. That led me to dip back into the first experimental batch of infrared pictures. They can make for  interesting monochrome. This is part of the Grand Basin in Forest Park, looking at Art Hill and the art museum. The hill looks like it is covered with  snow, and, indeed, it is our town's premier sledding venue. To the naked eye it is rich green at this time of year but, again, we are seeing the intense IR reflectivity of anything containing chlorophyll.                                         


Barbara Rogers said...

How intensely interesting. And bringing back memories of sledding that hill in the 50s...not sure how many times my father was willing to tote our sled back up but he always went down with us too! A bit chummy on the trip down.

William Kendall said...

This results in an otherworldly look.