Tuesday, February 23, 2021



The continuing puzzle about when we will get out of this and there will be something fresh to shoot. I depend to a great extent on public events for material and there ain't any. This figure from the complex Milles Fountain, https://www.flickr.com/photos/bobcrowe/albums/72157643171648954, could be scratching his head, but could be putting a conch shell to his ear, listening for signals the rest of us cannot hear.

I'd like a signal. There is no place in this benighted state for 70+, immunosupressed me to get a vaccination. Not that there are many better places.           


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I'm here in this benighted state also. I recently heard about vaccinations being given at UMSL, but as someone with mobility problems,I could not walk over hill and dale to get to whatever building vaccinations were given in.

I also(after the fact) heard about vaccinations given at some of the fire stations. That sounds do-able for me. They said there will be more vaccinations given at fire stations in the future. For me, it would be great to have a shot given while I was in the car, or at a non-mass vaccination site.

Have you heard of any Walmarts that are giving them here in the St Louis area. I heard they were supposed to be having them at Walmart pharmacys, and another pharmacy that I had never heard of before and cannot remember the name of right now.

Hopefully things will get straightened out and vaccination administration will become easier to come by.

I think you are doing well finding different places to show us. Thank you.

Kristy Wehrle said...

I have been registered on five waitlists for well over a month. This morning I received a polite email from Mercy entitled "We haven't forgotten about you!" and then advising that they currently have more than 330,000 on their Missouri waitlist and to date have only been able to offer 17,000 appointments (or 5%) of their list thus far. They then caution that "it may take many months to provide a first dose to everyone who's signed up." I am not blaming Mercy by any means, (or BJC, or SSM or any of the other systems). It is our blockhead Governor who is insuring that Missouri's vaccine supply is routed to the rural counties that voted for him. Want a shot? Drive to Cape Girardeau - somehow a county with only 5% of the population is now 13% vaccinated, as opposed to St Louis city/county at 5-6% respectively. I don't know how Dr Alex Garza keeps his head from exploding. So consider taking a scenic drive to Cape, or Poplar Bluff, or Caruthersville - your chances will double! And say hi to the Illinois residents who are driving over to get theirs too...

William Kendall said...

Good photo, Bob.

I too am somewhat reliant on events. Our Winterlude was largely cancelled or turned virtual this year, with the exception of skating on the Canal. Our tulip festival will happen, but there may not be some of the signage and tie-in events associated with it.

Are museums there open? They've reopened here after our second lockdown, and I'm planning on taking a couple of them in, which should keep me occupied for posts until the tulips.