Sunday, February 21, 2021


This picture was taken from the top of the steps that lead down from the base of the Arch to the Mississippi. Carefully check the bottom horizontal layer of snow. Looks like a proposal to me. I hope it doesn't portend an icy relationship. Well, there is a saying: cold hands, warm heart.

Note that almost all the ice has disappeared from the river in a day or two. It's supposed to be a few degrees above freezing and rainy today so all of this will turn to slop. Can spring be far behind? (Hint: Yes, it can.)          


Stefan Jansson said...

Funny text today. Nice with the proposal in the snow.

Barbara Rogers said...

Good eye to notice that writing in the snow! Have a good slop. I don't miss that part of living a bit further north where snow accumulates regularly, and then melts all over. We had 2 days of rain lately, and our ground got soaked from it. May get some snow tomorrow.

William Kendall said...

That's a good way to propose.