Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tu Tu You


As I mentioned, I got an awful lot of shots of the graceful young ballerinas at the art museum last Saturday. It's a bit ironic since I can't dance to save my life and have a limited appreciation of the art form.

One part of the performance brought back a warm memory.  My mother liked classical music and the family had one of those big circa 1960 console stereos. She had a few LPs, one of which was The Nutcracker. I played these records over and over, becoming entranced by the beauty and dramatic ending of The Waltz of the Flowers. Hearing it again with these gorgeous performers made me, well, just a little bit emotional.     


Sharon said...

Great photos! I love The Nutcracker and can't wait to see it performed once again.

William Kendall said...

Tchaikovsky's music always appeals to me. I saw the Nutcracker as a child during a field trip into Toronto.