Monday, December 3, 2018

The Hospital At The End Of The Universe

Hope the Douglas Adams reference isn't too obscure. This was taken from the Science Center grounds and looks science fiction-y. The bright sign in the background is by far STL's biggest hospital, whose name reflects the merger of two adjacent institutions. I've been repaired there a few times. It is the hub of the mighty Washington University Medical Center and goes on for blocks and blocks.

There is a bit of university snobbery here. We have two old major schools, Washington University and St. Louis University, 200 years old in 2018. Wash U, as everyone calls it, is usually ranked in the nation's top 10. SLU, where I went, is in the upper middle ranks and has one of the weirdest mascots in American higher education.  All of my many doctors are affiliated with Wash U.           


William Kendall said...

A billiken, huh?

Well lit!

boromax said...

The Billiken is, indeed, a weird mascot. Previously, I thought the mascot for UC Santa Cruz was the weirdest.

boromax said...

Oh, and by the way, the reference to Hitchhiker's Guide is not obscure at all to this huge fan of Douglas Adams.