Friday, October 12, 2018

Storm's Coming

From the top of the Arch looking back into the city. Downtown runs a bit wider left and right than this. You can see some of the baseball stadium at left center, now surrounded with construction of a new hotel, apartments and office space. The dark skies in the rear moved off to the north/right and never really hit the city center.

We are a medium size city with pluses and minuses.  See the tall building most of the way back, just right of center? It is vacant, and likely to remain so. It was built for a single tenant, AT&T, who moved the operations to Texas. Very hard to re-purpose. As you may have heard, we have Ferguson and all that it implies. On the other hand, we've got the biggest urban park in the US, Forest Park, a bit bigger than either Golden Gate or Central; a thriving arts scene, including a world top tier symphony, theater everywhere you turn and fabulous oddball events like last summer's Fringe and this weekend's indescribable Artica. We've got what may be the best zoo in America  (although San Diego has its partisans) and more interesting restaurants than I can count. There is severe, soulless suburban sprawl, but the old, inner suburbs and the city proper are vibrant.

I'm staying. I'll never retire to someplace else.        


William Kendall said...

What a view!

Sharon Anck said...

You've summed up the city beautifully!

RedPat said...

It's good to be happy where you live!