Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Band

A Guitar Player

We CDP regulars find this work satisfying but sometimes difficult. At least one photo a day, every single day. The blog is a hungry beast that demands constant feeding. Sometimes we're out of new material and are forced to look back in the archives. I'm always surprised at the shiny nuggets to be found there. This is an example, images that didn't grab my attention the first time through. Turned out okay.

I am just sickened by last night's events in Paris, a place I love. It illustrates the deep streak of brutality, stupidity and cruelty woven into our species. Not everyone, not everywhere, but never-ending and not going away.                    

Sax And Bass


William Kendall said...

Excellent images. I was shocked to hear the news yesterday.

Bibi said...

Excellent black and white portraits. Yes, I was shocked and sickened by these events. No end in sight, I am afraid.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I agree Bob, sometimes a second look at an image can be illuminating. Super black and white band images here.