Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fat Chance

Lumiere Place

As I've mentioned in the past, STL has an awful lot of casinos for a city our size. They help fill the government's coffers and empty people's pockets. This is the grandest one. Lumiere Place stands on the edge of a run-down industrial area not far north of the Arch. It contains an opulent Four Seasons Hotel in that cyan box.

The architecture leaves something to be desired, IMHO. A blue-green box with an odd coxcomb growing out if it. That reddish part must be inlaid with LEDs. It glows in all sorts of low resolution themes, as determined by the management. The crummy picture at the bottom was taken from my office window last night with my iPhone. It doesn't seem sincere. The display, I mean, not my iPhone.
The next to last picture is a big video signboard by I 70 next to the casino. You can't time it on purpose but the camera can get some good video wipes. And if you can squint, read the bottom line. It says Gambling Problems? Call 1.888.BETSOFF. You can get yourself barred from the casino.                      

Four Seasons - Lumier Place

Lumiere Place Signboard 1

Lumiere Place With French Flag 2015-11-16


Bibi said...

Nice night shots. I am doing some night photos this evening; will post if I succeed in some good ones.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Love your description here Bob :) What gets me these days is that you can't advertise cigarettes or alcohol these days, which is a good thing, but they do advertise gambling with the warning of course but still advertising! Like a lot of things these days it makes no sense!

Luis Gomez said...

Not much of a gambler and don't really care much for casino. You are right the building itself is not much. I do like your night shot with the bridge.

William Kendall said...

There's one casino here across the river on the Quebec side, and a race track with some slot machines, but I've never seen the point in visiting either.

Halcyon said...

Ugh. I do not like casinos. I think they prey on our most vulnerable. :(

Unknown said...

I think the top composition is brilliant!