Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rocky Mountain High

Maggie's Farm

Recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, sold at highly regulated dispensaries. It is illegal under national law but the feds stay out of the way. A local told told us that a study of the experiment had just been completed by law enforcement agencies and social scientists. No increase in crime, no change in auto accidents, no change in health statistics and the state is making truckloads of money. Everybody's happy. This store is in Manitou Springs, adjacent to Colorado Springs.

Do you think it should be permitted in your area?

By the way, I assume the name of the store is a reference to the old Bob Dylan song.                 


William Kendall said...

I think it should be legalized, taxed, regulated, and treated as a health issue. Mind you, I think habitual users end up looking and acting like morons, but I think the same thing of habitual boozers.

Bibi said...

It is legal also in Seattle. I'm not sure what to think; basically am not against it, but then I wonder about those behind the wheel...but like William says, same is true of those who drink one too many.