Monday, July 20, 2015

Crown Fountain

Crown Fountain 1

Big day on the street in Chicago yesterday. This is a genuine Big Important City, which St. Louis is not.

Crown Fountain is one of the city's most photographed modern landmarks. The faces of thousands of Chicagoans are displayed on a giant LED screen on monumental blocks. Water streams down all sides. From time to time, the mouths spout a stream of water. Children delight in this place.                                       

Crown Fountain 4


s.c said...

Nice shots for a hot day.

Luis Gomez said...

It is so hot!

William Kendall said...

Very appealing in heat!

Jack said...

Very very cool. I have not seen this before, so I read the linked Wikipedia entry about it. How surprising that the fountain provoked controversy in the beginning. It is so clever and absorbing, I would have expected nearly universal appreciation for the fountain.

Stefan Jansson said...

Very clever artwork.