Friday, July 24, 2015

Hot Time In The Old Town

Madeleine At The Ballgame 2015-07-17 3

The family went to the Cardinals - Mets game last Friday night, just before we left for Chicago. It was 92F / 33C at game time with smothering humidity. Madeleine couldn't keep her hat on. Her hair was damp and matted underneath.

The Cardinals' excellent pitcher and catcher, Lance Lynn and Yadier Molina, warmed up in right field before the game. I wouldn't have thought it necessary.      

Madeleine At The Ball Game 2015-07-17 4

Lynn And Molina Warm Up


Halcyon said...

I find Madeleine far more interesting than the players. Your portraits are so nice, but I guess it's easy when you have such a cute subject.

Sharon said...

Cute photos! I remember those hot and humid summer days.

William Kendall said...

She looks as if she finds humidity as irritating as I do!

Jack said...

M is such a cutie. I look at her and think about the growth that 10 week old Willa has in front of her.

Stefan Jansson said...

Sure would be fun to see a game one day.