Saturday, June 6, 2015


Circus Flora In Citygarden 2015-06-02 14
I can't imagine doing anything like this, even when I was young. The genetic card shuffler left me with, um, rather limited coordination and balance. The only kind of coordination I can rely on is brain-to-tongue. (Must be me Irish chromosomes.)

These two didn't look exceptionally muscular. How do they do it? Reminds me of a bad old joke from my music student days. A young, stary-eyed man carrying a violin case gets out of the subway in mid-town Manhattan, staring in wonder. He stops an older gentleman walking down the street and asks, "Excuse me, sir. How do you get to Carnegie Hall?"

The old man simply replies, "Practice, practice, practice." And so here. 
Circus Flora In Citygarden 2015-06-02 13
Circus Flora In Citygarden 2015-06-02 12


Jack said...

I sometimes get curious about "Why did these people decide that this is how they want to earn a living?"

William Kendall said...

They make it look easy!

Oakland Daily Photo said...

What we need now is a really good cheer!

Stefan Jansson said...

Practice practice, practice and a lot of hard work.