Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Band

Pagan Picnic 2015-06-06 13

Sorry for the late post. We were out last night for a family celebration. My son-in-law is a professional chef. He is gifted and loves it but it's a tough industry to work in. The hours are often terrible, jobs can be unstable and the pay isn't always so great. He just got hired as executive banquet chef at the Chase Park Plaza, the grande dame of St. Louis hotels. It's a great coup and we're delighted.

Anyway, the band at the Pagan Picnic was terrific. They call themselves Tuatha Dea and describe their style as celtic tribal gypsy rock. Whatever that  means, their music was infectious. I've got some more of these.                                             

Pagan Picnic 2015-06-06 14


William Kendall said...

Great shots- both really show personality. The second one's my favourite.

Birdman said...

Outside concerts in summer are loads of fun to take in. The Old Port Festival this weekend will have lots of 'noise'. Year 42... I was there for #1.

Jack said...

Beautiful live action portraits. I like modern Celtic music . . . must be my Irish heritage.

And, congratulations to your SIL. In his field, that must be a coup.

Stefan Jansson said...

I will have to check out that music. Cool shots.