Tuesday, December 2, 2014

In The Corn Truck

On The Farm 2014-11-28 17

So what's inside the corn truck, besides corn, I mean? Kids, for one thing. I wasn't up to climbing the narrow ladder into the truck bed but the children and son Andy were. (Andy will climb anything available.) He took my camera with him and got the first and third photos. His wife, Claire, took the middle one.                   

On The Farm 2014-11-28 18

On The Farm 2014-11-28 19


Olivier said...

j'aime beaucoup la premiere, il y a de la joie ;))

s.c said...

What you all can do with a bit of corn.

Stefan Jansson said...

Sure looks like fun.

Luis Gomez said...

These are so much fun!

William Kendall said...

Fun shots!