Friday, December 12, 2014

Ferguson Embers

S Grand After Ferguson 1

Around the time all hell broke lose in Ferguson there were parallel demonstrations miles away in the south side of the city proper, centered on Grand Boulevard and Arsenal Street. There have been, shall we say, some problems between police and residents in that area, too.

That part of the city is known for its international population - southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, Bosnian and more. There is a strip lined with one terrific ethnic restaurant after another. Although there was not nearly as much violence as in Ferguson, there was some. Local businesses boarded their windows for safety. Local artists adorned the boards.

These pictures were taken by my daughter, Emily, who lives nearby and is a pretty good shooter, too. In the bottom poster, Imo's is a very popular local chain of pizzerias, known for their cracker-thin crust St. Louis style pies. 

I've been bad about comments this week. Work has been off the meter but things will calm down soon. And, hey, we get to NYC on Christmas Day. There's no place like home for the holidays.             

S Grand After Ferguson 2


William Kendall said...

Both of them are compelling murals, Bob. Particularly the second one.

Halcyon said...

Hope things are improving in your part of the world. We hear alot about the riots, etc. on the news. Such a miscarriage of justice IMO...

Luis Gomez said...

Wonderful post!