Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Once More From The Top

My Kinda Town

So, as I mentioned, I took a ride up to the top of the Arch Saturday. It had been a while and the light snow cover looked attractive.

This was taken from the observation deck, 630 feet or 192 meters up, looking west into downtown. It ain't much but it's home.

There will be a Thursday Arch photo tomorrow. Taken from the Arch but still of the Arch. Sort of. You'll see.         


cieldequimper said...

Nice to see the dusting of the white stuff!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Downtown St. Louis looking good :) I didn't realize you could actually go up in the Arch Bob, a bit like the Eiffel Tower situation.. Can't wait to see your shot tomorrow!

Olivier said...

magnifique cette vue hivernale, on dirait une ville qui hiberne

William Kendall said...

Spectacular shot, Bob! Wow!

The courthouse looks so small!

Jack said...

Excellent image, Bob. Very crisp.