Sunday, December 29, 2013


MoMA 2013-12-28 1

Field trip yesterday to the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. OMG was the city crowded. I don't remember this from when I was a child and a teen here. The subway line we needed to go from Penn Station to the museum was out of service so we had to walk up 6th Avenue past Radio City Music Hall and the back side of Rockefeller Center.  We could have used a bull whip to get through. Same when we got back to Penn on the way home, when people were emptying out of the city. Penn Station's current incarnation is horribly designed and a few hundred people were trying to press through a single doorway onto the platform for the train to New Jersey. Mrs. C felt in serious danger of being trampled at a couple of points.

I like to take photographs in art museums but there is nothing interesting in photographing the artworks. The fun part is the architecture, people interacting with the art and people taking pictures of the art on their phones. Starry Night, anyone? Or can anyone guess the neighborhood, if that's the right word, in the bottom photo? We've walked through it.

Home tonight.         

MoMA 2013-12-28 2

MoMA 2013-12-28 6

MoMA 2013-12-28 5

MoMA 2013-12-28 3

MoMA 2013-12-28 4 (Vision Of Sinjuku)


Luis Gomez said...

Always a super interesting place to visit and photograph. Love your eye Bob.

Bibi said...

Agree 100% with Luis. I too like museums where sneaking shots is easy, when everyone is absorbed in art.

Virginia said...

YOu have a great eye B. And who wouldn't want an iphone photo of themself standing in front of Starry Night. Geeeshhh

Wayne said...

Penn Station is a bit of a zoo even at the best of times.

Here's a book suggestion for you Bob. I just picked up a used book called Museum Watching by Elliott Erwitt.

Jack said...

I told you it is crowded now. Amazing, isn't it? I agree that the architecture is great and worth photographing, but I also like taking photos with the artwork in it. Not just straight ahead photos, but sometimes details and sometimes "room scenes."

Unknown said...

Fantastic shots, Bob. #2 is my favourite.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Excellent images Bob.. I feel a bit of a connection to MoMA, they have very generously sent over a few collections for we arty Perthites to enjoy :)

William Kendall said...

Splendid shots, Bob. The architecture really does draw the eye, particularly that staircase one.