Monday, December 30, 2013

Above Ground, Below Ground

Diamond Tattoos (Times Square)

New York operates on many levels, and that means all kinds of things. From top to bottom:

Times Square.

42nd Street looking east from 6th Avenue toward the Chrysler Building.

Two views of the subway at Penn Station. The young woman in the third picture looks lost and afraid in the huge city. Much of the system looks post-apocalyptic but it gets you where you want to go. Unless you needed the E Train, which was out of service in Manhattan.        

42nd Street Chrysler Building

In The Subway 1

In The Subway 2


Olivier said...

ah tu me fais rever ;) la folie de NYC j'adore

Olivier said...

je serais content d'avoir la MetroCard au couleur du Superbowl , Superbowl qui malheureusement se jouera sans les Giants.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me, so much, of how Baltimore Maryland looked back in the middle 1950s. We lived on Dundalk Avenue with a street car that clanged and rattled in the boulevard -- a day and night annoyance that was hard to get used to as was the constant sound of sirens. Life in a cornfield is so much better for me.

Bibi said...

Good shots. Does one have his diamond tattooed or do they only do tattoos of diamonds on you? Interesting too how the stroller handle seems to join up with the girl's jacket in the next-to-last shot!

Birdman said...

Street tats? Ouch!

Luis Gomez said...

Once again, a wonderful set of images from NYC. I stopped by Saint Louis for a couple of hours this morning on my way to DC.

John @ Beans and I on the Loose said...

NYC has to be a goldmine of photographic opportunities.

William Kendall said...

The second shot is very distinctive, Bob. The Chrysler building really stands out.