Friday, June 28, 2013

The Loop

The Loop

Just a bit more from Chicago. It's nice to be a passenger in the front seat of a bus instead of always behind the wheel. This a bit of the elevated train tracks (the El) that form The Loop, the rectangle of transit lines that defines the city center.

Lots to shoot this weekend. Our art museum opens its much-awaited big addition. The Pridefest parade is on Sunday. Still need to find something for tomorrow.        


Olivier said...

j'aime bien l'angle que tu as choisi pour prendre cette photo

PerthDailyPhoto said...

It sure is nice every now and then to sit back and relax and not worry about outmaneuvering through the traffic. Sounds like a busy weekend ahead Bob, enjoy..what about one of your Arch shots for tomorrow..just saying :)

William Kendall said...

Good shot, Bob!