Friday, June 14, 2013

Fairely Good Portraits

Renaissance Faire 2013-06-02 23

Ow. Go ahead. Call the pun police. Sometimes I can't stop myself.

Just three people hanging around the Renaissance Faire. Two were happy to pose. The last is what's sometimes called a sniper shot.

Lots going on in The Lou this weekend. However, Mrs. C and I will be attending performances tonight, tomorrow and Sunday that will keep me out late (long story). I usually write posts in the evening but we'll pull something together.       

Renaissance Faire 2013-06-02 24

Renaissance Faire 2013-06-02 25


Olivier said...

belle serie de portraits en b&w. J'aime bien la derniere

Virginia said...

I love all three for different reasons!:) Have a grand weekend.

William Kendall said...

I love that second shot particularly, Bob!