Monday, June 24, 2013

I Hope They Are Always This Happy

Catie and Grant's Wedding 6

What a gorgeous and talented couple. They both have college business degrees and now MBAs from the University of Chicago. The future awaits them in New York, where Grant will work in finance and Catey in marketing (my sister will correct me if I got that wrong).

Maybe I should switch careers and try wedding photography. It was more fun than flying last weekend. Two hours late getting home - thunderstorms in Chicago, worse thunderstorms in St. Louis. Much of the center of North America is awash. We're supposed to go to Calgary in two weeks for the Stampede but at the moment the entire fairgrounds is under water. Perhaps we should try the Mojave.        

Catie and Grant's Wedding 4

Catie and Grant's Wedding 1

Catie and Grant's Wedding 5

Catie and Grant's Wedding 7

Catie and Grant's Wedding 3


brattcat said...

they have real star-appeal, these two. wonderful series of shots. best wishes to the happy couple.

Olivier said...

superbes photos, les deux premieres sont dignes d'une affiche de film

Olivier said...

Apres une lente traduction, j'espere que vous n'avez pas trop degat avec ces inondations ;((

TheChieftess said...

I think your potential career change could be a winner!!! Nice pics of a beautiful couple!!!

Virginia said...

I got chills these photos are so exquisitely beautiful B.
What a stunning happy couple.

Memphis MOJO said...

Awesome series. GL to the lovely couple.

Stefan Jansson said...

You did a good job as a wedding photographer.

William Kendall said...

Wonderful shots, Bob. Beautifully done.

Jack said...

Wonderful wedding photos, Bob. You have a new career on the horizon.

Unknown said...

Yes Bob - go for it! You'd make a fantastic wedding photographer. These photos sell your work better than a thousand words.

The three photos where the couple is dancing are my absolute favorites. Aaaaah, that first photo with the kiss about to take place - perfect profile against a lighter background! The second is a jewel too, where both newly weds look absolutely gorgeous.

Congratulations to them both and just like you, I dearly wish that they are always that happy.