Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday Arch Series, Sort Of, And Idiotarod Bad Pun Award

2013 Idiotarod 21

Oops. Fell asleep again yesterday evening in a chair while preparing this post. You'd think things would start getting easier at this point in my career, but no.

Anyway, the decrepit model Arch in the top picture was part of the theme for an Arch of the Penguins entry in the Idiotarod. The rest is pretty cute but otherwise, I don't see any connection between our great monument and the polar birds. Doubt this was of concern to anyone but me.        

2013 Idiotarod 22

2013 Idiotarod 20


William Kendall said...

Let it not be said that St. Louis can't have fun!

Stefan Jansson said...

Ha ha. Nice. said...

Julie and I just returned from several weeks in the Middle East, so I have not been able to comment for a while, as keeping up with the office consumed all my internet time and attention.

We are glad that you enjoyed our condo again this year, and I heard from your friend who stayed right after you that he did as well. Thank you for being a great ambassador for Tamarindo/Langosta and Costa Rica through your photography.